Our Artists 2019

Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz


Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz holds a Master’s degree in piano performance from the Université de Montréal, where she studied with Dang Thai Son. She then pursued a post-master’s degree in performance and collaborative piano at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory with Yury Stepanovitch Slesarev and Tatiana Afanasievskaya. She has also studied privately with Patrice Laré.

Since 2011, Alejandra has presented over 60 recitals in Quebec and Ontario as part the musical productions “Concerts under Candlelight”.

In 2012, she released an album entitled Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz…under Candlelight, which has been featured on Montreal’s Classical Radio 99.5 FM. That same year, Alejandra was selected by the Quebec Music Council for the “Adopt-a-Musician” program; she also won the “Self-Employed Musician of the Year” prize from the Latin-American Chamber of Commerce of Quebec.

In 2013, she formed a piano duo with Russian pianist Tatiana Dvorianskaya; they produced their first album of 4-hand piano repertoire in 2014.

In 2015, Alejandra produced her second solo album dedicated entirely to the music of Chopin which has been touring in the province of Quebec during 2016.

2017 was dedicated to Johannes Sebastian Bach, in concerts and with the production of its album.

And for 2018, Alejandra released her last CD, this time, with pieces by Franz Schubert.

In addition to a busy concert schedule, she is an avid piano teacher, and uses her music experience to give conferences about the importance of perseverance at elementary and high schools in the greater Montreal region.

Meiling Fong


Classically trained since the age of 4, she fell in love with dynamism of musical theatre while playing in the orchestra for her high school’s annual production, initially as a trombonist and later as a violinist. Over the years, she has performed in professional productions such as Les Belles Sœurs: The Musical (Segal Center – Montréal & Centre National des Arts – Ottawa), as well as independent productions (Captain Aurora II – Fringe Festival). She regularly works with schools (Royal West Academy) and community theatre companies (WISTA).

Meiling also seeks to bridge the gap between classical and current music through her string arrangements of pop songs. This pursuit culminated in 2012 when she wrote and performed an acoustic string quartet tribute to Pink Floyd’s The Wall. This project explored of the textural possibilities of string instruments. It also introduced the audience to the traditional form of the string quartet within the familiar setting of rock music.

Meiling holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and a double DEC (Diploma of Collegial Studies) in Music and Science from Marianopolis College where she studied with Jonathan Crow. Under guidance of Jean-Sébastien Roy, she continues to refine her playing while exploring the intricacies of the violin repertoire.

Sam Voyer



«Simple can be harder than complex» - Steve Jobs

This sentence clearly describes Sam Voyer’s long musical journey. A rollercoaster ride of highs and lows shaped this super sensitive young kid to become a super sensitive mature musician. Surrounded by music from an early age, Sam Voyer was soon exposed to jazz giants, timeless classical music as well as a wide range of pop from all eras. Many years of

violin training came to an end when he discovered Elton John. Piano, piano and more piano. That’s what it was all about. No more classical training but

the “freedom” of playing piano 10 hours a day. His jazz studies and training helped in perfecting his craft. It also cemented his devotion of building a career as a full time piano player and composer. Some people need a simple whisper on the neck to feel something. Others need to be

stabbed to feel the same. Sam Voyer is, of the first type of person. Piano has always been for the natural expression of his sensitivity. After surviving a deep depression that was caused by the loss of a child, Voyer

understood that it was now time to pick up the pieces and follow what life has always been about for him. Sharing emotions through his main talent. Meditative, evocative, imageless movies, you can describe Sam Voyer’s music in many ways but the common denominators are tenderness and sensitivity. “The world needs more love and introspection¨ I’m working hard to make things simpler. Let’s keep it that way.” This sums up his approach to crafting and creating his first album that is set for release in fall 2019.