Highlighting the phenomenal Work of Musicians

Piano Day Montreal wishes to acknowledge the work of accomplished musicians that dedicated a moment of their life to sharing music in their communities this 29th of March during our annual celebration of the piano!

Beguentch Gueldyev 

Huijing Christine Wei 

Irina Evtchenko 

Kevin Hu 

Tatiana Dvorianskaya 

Dawn Davi

Alan Gerber

Becky Reesor 

Patrick Kilcullen 

Marie-Pierre Labelle 

Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz 

Francisco San Roman 

Sam Voyer 

Judy Wang 

Marybelle Frappier

Jennifer Yang 

Deborah Salmon

Margaret Shaw  

Patricia Friesen

Meiling Fong 

Oliviana Mingarelli

Paul Aigueperse

Guiliano Fassa