Emerging artists

Marie-Pierre Labelle


La musique fait partie des souvenirs les plus anciens de Marie-Pierre Labelle : installée sur le banc du piano familial avant l'âge d'un an, elle commence officiellement ses cours à 4 ans et demi avec Christine Harel. Au primaire, Carmen Turcotte, professeure affiliée à l'École de musique Vincent-d'Indy, lui inculque les bases musicales au piano.

C'est Charlotte Dumas, au cégep à l'École de musique Vincent-d'Indy, qui l'amène à se perfectionner au niveau technique, et l'encourage à s'inscrire à l'Université de Montréal, où elle est acceptée au niveau du baccalauréat en musicologie en 2005. Christian Parent et Marc Durand, professeurs à l'université, lui font découvrir Erik Satie et plus spécifiquement la période romantique au piano.

Le pianiste et professeur Pierre Jasmin, lors de ses études à l'Université du Québec à Montréal en enseignement de la musique, l'encourage à se spécialiser auprès des compositeurs de période romantique; c'est grâce à ses conseils abondants que Marie-Pierre progresse au niveau musical et émotionnel.

Après deux albums maison, Marie-Pierre Labelle donne davantage de concerts publics et s'est produite cet été dans quatre résidences de personnes âgées à Montréal.

Marie-Pierre Labelle est aussi musicothérapeute accréditée MTA, après avoir étudié au niveau du deuxième cycle à l'Université Concordia, à Montréal. Elle s'est engagée pour un contrat de musicothérapie de deux séances dans une résidence de personnes âgées à Montréal et offre ses services comme musicothérapeute à l'École de musique Le Jardin Musical, à Longueuil, où elle enseigne le piano.

Dawn Davi


Dawn Davi is a pianist, composer, visual artist, and educator based in Toronto. She received formal training and education at York University where she was awarded the continuing student scholarship, Berklee College of Music’s online extension school, and the Offcentre DJ school of Toronto. Her music has been featured in City of Toronto's 311 Winter 2017 playlist, the respectable "I Care if You Listen" blog and Huffington Post Quebec for her new single release “In the Beginning”, as well as on multiple public and syndicated radio stations in the US in 2018, including KPFA-FM's "Discreet Music". Previously, Dawn has performed at York University’s World Music festival, Burdock PianoFest, and organized and performed at events supporting local non-for-profit organizations. She enjoys collaborating with musicians from different musical cultures, fusing and creating new sounds, and has also worked with several visual artists exploring the connection between the two media. Her world-view mixed with her minimalist expression style is the creative force which is driving her to develop musical compositions that intuitively draw the listener in with their simplicity and compelling honesty. Dawn shares a personal and life-changing story in her second album, Sweet Apple, set for release March 2019.

Marybelle Frappier


Montreal native, Marybelle Frappier, was born in 1974 and starting learning the piano at the age of four. Soon thereafter, she began composing piano pieces and by the age of six, was writing and singing her own songs. While studying in the specialized music program at Pierre Laporte High School, she composed extensively for small ensembles, singers and dancers. She won many local piano competitions and at the age of fifteen, was selected to play a piano concerto with orchestra. During the Summer of that same year, she was Composer in Residence at the Dance Theatre Company in Toronto.

In 1997, after completing her bachelors in classical piano performance at the University of Montreal with Jean Saulnier, she specialized in electro-acoustic composition with Yves Daoust at the Conservatory of Music in Montreal.

In 2000, she moved to Tokyo to promote her first electronic music album. A year later, she founded the band Second Sun. After achieving international viral success and signing with DJ Paul van Dyk’s record company in Germany, the band moved to Los Angeles. During this time, Marybelle started songwriting and producing music with local musicians and singers.

She returned to her native Montreal in 2009 to teach and work on her solo piano album. This compilation of her compositions over the years was released in 2010. She continues to produce music for diverse art forms such as films, visual arts and contemporary dance. Her most recent album, “A Piano a Home”, will be released in Spring 2019.